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Boya Exhibition
The main set of product exhibitions in the exhibition business, trade negotiations, promotion, warehousing and logistics, technical testing as one of professional exhibition company. The business covers aluminum, metal fittings, windows and doors, curtain wall, processing equipment, and other related products exhibition and transaction services, and undertake cultural exhibitions, fairs, and large enterprise activities, talks, seminars, forums and overseas projects in China to promote and other services.
International aluminum Expo Center, the Fenestration Expo Center, total planned area of ??over 80,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ??60,000 square meters. Expo Center to break through the traditional business ideas, clever collection of exhibitions, talks, trade a variety of business philosophy, provide services mainly to the well-known brands in the industry, relying on the resource advantages of China Construction Metal Structure Association and local governments, curtain walls and windows industry at home and abroad on the downstream product build boutique fairs base.
Expo Center adjacent to the Linqu many tourist spots and strategic location, convenient transportation and traffic. Contacts advantage of sitting on the the Linqu aluminum industry cluster and its complete set of industry chain, the industry has become the largest exhibition company. Expo Center plans formal operations in May 2013.
China exhibition hall built, high-tech means of the application of sound and light, Panorama Huajian Aluminum Group's development process, brilliant performance, excellent products, and corporate culture, record history, promotion now look to the future landmark building in the same period .
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