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Hualv Estate
Shandong China Aluminum Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, is approved by the People's Government of Shandong Province set up a joint venture real estate development enterprises, registered capital of $ 12.8 million, the operating range of the real estate development business. The existing staff of 20 people, 10 people including senior titles. Company funds, strong technical force, has a number of high-quality real estate development and management professionals and excellent technical construction of the building and technical personnel, the ability to have a comprehensive development process from planning and design, land acquisition and demolition, construction management to marketing, can be independently contract task of the development and construction of large and medium-sized residential quarters and public facilities.
· Beiyuan name of the Chinese aluminum companies have developed a number of projects and the aluminum-Fu-hai garden. The land is located in China the aluminum • beiyuan name "" project Linqu Qin Pond Road Interchange southwest side Pian Yap Road, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, complete supporting facilities, is the ideal location of the development and construction of residential communities. Project planning a total land area of ??30,492.20 square meters, an area of 22,031.13 square meters of land for construction, plans a total investment of 198 million yuan, the total gross floor area of 73,524.16 m2. Chinese aluminum · Fu-hai Garden project is located in the cultural road east of the interval Road, west of the Longchang Court south down the river West Road north. Location, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The development and construction of the two projects in line with the national industrial policy and Linqu urban development planning, has a positive role in improving the urban environment outlook, to speed up the process of urbanization, and has a good economic and social benefits.
    Company will always uphold the "build quality residential service people side" of business philosophy, to carry forward the "unity, enterprising, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, relying on the prowess of the group, create fine works to establish a brand image for the geographical urban construction and projects that benefit the make a positive contribution.

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